Custom API Manufacturing

API manufacturing is a long journey that requires a forward-looking, scientific approach to ensure smooth transitions as manufacturing batch sizes increase. Enhanced by an uncompromising commitment to cGMP standards and proven compliance track record, Cambrex is an expert partner you can trust across the lifecycle of your product.

Our extensive drug substance manufacturing capabilities enable us to take your project from early phase development to scale-up and commercial manufacture. We can provide lab-, kilo- and pilot-scale manufacturing support for preclinical studies through all phases of clinical trials, supplying milligram to kilogram quantities while improving the chemical process along the way. We are equally proficient at supporting your commercial manufacturing needs for product launch and in-market supply, from kilogram to 100+ metric ton quantities.

Cambrex offers a seamless, streamlined technology transfer process, and we provide full and consistent support throughout your molecule’s journey. Our team of project managers and scientists will ensure you are working with One Cambrex no matter where your product is in our network.